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The Truth about being a Health Coach, Revealed (your questions answered)


Have you ever considered becoming a Health Coach, so you can earn a good living, while doing what you love:

Helping People be Healthier and Happier

Have you been put off because you don’t know where to Start, or you’re concerned it may be too difficult, or that you’re not ready or good enough yet?

If so, let me address each of those questions for you right Now:

Question 1 – ‘I think I might like to be a Health Coach, where do I find out more?’


There’s a New Free Training Series, where I’ve just revealed, for the first time, everything you need to be a Highly Competent, Highly Valued, Highly Valuable Health Coach.

Question 2 – ‘Isn’t starting off as a Health Coach really difficult, with lots of other people trying to do it?’


The short answer to this is ‘Yes’, it’s really difficult, for most people.

Why: because they have little to no training in the 2 most important skills they could possibly need, to Get Clients and Help Clients get Real, Powerful, Long Lasting Results.

Most aspiring Coaches I’ve met just give me a blank stare or a lot of ‘waffle’ when I ask them about their training in these 2 skills.

This is despite the fact that these Skills are the two most important skills you could possibly have, without which, mediocrity or usually failure as a Coach is outright inevitable!

Click Here to Find out now what those 2 Skills are, and to learn how to start developing them.

You’ll know how to start developing the first of these skills by the end of Video 1!

Question 3 – ‘I feel like I have so much more to learn, and so much more progress to make. Am I really ready?’


It’s possible you’re not.

However, my brief answer is this:

What you know is not anywhere near as important as developing the 2 skills I mentioned in Answer 1.

If you start to develop those two skills, which you can start doing right now, no matter how much you may still be struggling, you will soon be more Valuable, to Clients, than 98% of other Coaches, Consultants, Practitioners etc., out there.

Also though, Integrity is hugely important, as is setting a good example.

So, ask yourself this question:

Have I had significant improvement, that’s lasted, in the area I want to help people in?


If you want to help people with Beauty, do you look better now than you did before (even though you may not be a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie)?

If the answer is Yes, you’re ready….once you’ve learned the 2 most Valuable Skills:

Hope that’s helpful!

See you inside the Training Area,



A quick recap of what’s in this Training Series:

In this 4 part course you’ll learn:

+ Why just telling people ‘what to do’ may actually be hurting more than Helping, and what to do instead, so that you can really Help People in a way that they’ll Value and Appreciate

+ Why Helping People get Powerful Results is actually the ultimate key to making yourself Highly Valued and a Highly Valuable member of Society

+ The Dis-empowering Beliefs that have been insidiously stopping you from being able to help anyone, and how to be Free of them

+ Why Show is much Better than Tell, and How to Show a client the way forward for them, in a subtle, gentle way, so that they feel heard and understood, and you are more appreciated and valued than ever

+ Why ‘Attitudes’ are actually the ultimate Cause of Success or Failure, for You and your Clients – and how to become aware of and Transform the Attitudes that Secretly Sabotage You and your Clients.

+ The 9 Step ‘Results Coaching’ Formula  Revealed – the most Powerful Tool for Helping Clients get Real, Powerful Results, Revealed for the first time! (Previously only available to my Health Coach Trainees)

+ How to Create a Successful Business Empowering People to get Real, Transformational Results, while staying True to your Core Values and Integrity

and loads more…

Who’s this New Training for?

This Training Series is ideal for anyone who’s working as, or wants to work as, a:

Health and Wellness Coach




Fitness Instructor

Author on Health

Speaker on Health

Massage Therapist


It’s also universally applicable to anyone who’s committed to Helping people get Results in any area of their lives, whether it’s Health, Fitness, Business, Wealth or Relationships.

Although this will be most Valuable to you if this is your business, or you want it to be your business, I still recommend you watch even if you have no intention of making this a business, and you just want to learn about helping those nearest and dearest to you.

Basically: if you Care about Helping People get Better, then this’ll be for you.

Who this is Not for:

If you feel like you’re struggling just to Survive right now, and you feel like you can barely keep yourself going, then this may not be for you.

Even in that case, you’ll still find some helpful gems here on how to Empower your most Important first Client: YOU!

However, you will find that you’ll only be able to relate to some of the training, not all of it, if you’re struggling just to get by right now.

Decided if this is for you?

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For you scanners out there, here’s the bottom line of today’s

New 4 Part Training on How to Become a Highly Valuable, Highly Valued Health Coach.

Learn the 2 Essential Key Skills you need that No One Else is teaching about!

You gotta click on the link and watch it to be sent the other parts:

Don’t bother if you’re really not interested in learning about this.


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