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How To Fix Your Shoulder Pain In Minutes
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Are you ever bothered by shoulder pain? If you are experiencing pain just like me, you may have been forced to avoid certain exercise because they may lead to nagging shoulder-pain.

It is not only you who is experiencing this kind of pain. It has been found out that about 40% of all resistance training injuries affect the shoulder complex making it the number one injury. Now that is just the people who went to the doctor about their issue.

If you don’t take any steps toward treating shoulder pain, you could end up making your health condition worse. This article is here to help you ensure you avoid shoulder pain by giving you 4 important strategies you can use.

4 More Strategies to Avoid Shoulder-Pain  <<< Tip #4 Is Really Cutting Edge


The strategies in this article are courtesy of Rick Kaselj, MS, who is an Injury Specialist and Exercise Physiologist. Rick helped my buddy and fellow trainer Mike Westerdal recover from a shoulder injury he got from powerlifting.

Rick is the person most athletes go to see when they want to get back to pain-free workouts rather than resort to workouts which do not hurt. This is the same person who teaches other fitness professionals new techniques that can help their clients.

He has so far given 315 live presentations to over 6065 health and fitness professional across the USA and Canada.

Whether you have had a serious shoulder injury or a nagging pain…

This news is going to arouse your interest. Mike and Rick have teamed up to release a new system called Fix-My-Shoulder-Pain.

There are very many features that make it different from anything else out there. This system is not meant for inactive people like your grandparents. It was created specifically for people who want to get back to their high-intensity workouts without having to be told by their doctor to find a new hobby.

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The Traditional Shoulder-Pain Model requires very many appointments, investigations, strengthening and stretching to help relieve shoulder pain.

Rick observed that hundreds of his clients followed this old model with little success, and this is why he decided to think of a new model that would relieve shoulder pains and make clients perform workouts without having to worry about painful shoulders.

This is why he came up with the trademarked SR3 method based on one main concept:

Reshape your shoulder from a painful joint to a pain-free joint and this is what Fix Your Shoulder Pain is all about. If you experience any kind of shoulder-pain, Fix-My-Shoulder-Pain is the model you should be thinking about.

Learn only one technique that helps you get some relief and it pays for itself. However, you will learn more than that. You will feel the same way you used to before your shoulder started acting up.

Fix-My-Shoulder-Pain <<< Get Back To Pain Free Workouts

It is a good decision to take advice from someone who cares about you and not someone who will write you a prescription or tell you to avoid anything that leads to shoulder pain. You may be surprised to realize that you can get this model at a very cheap price. Rick charges only 150 dollars per hour to make it affordable to local clients.

4 More Strategies To Avoid Shoulder Pain



Go ahead and get a copy for yourself, your loved one or a friend before they come to their senses and start charging hundreds of dollars for its worth.

Your shoulders will appreciate this and make sure you have a normal workout.

Seize the day


P.S. Rick’s Method will reconstruct your shoulder joint from the inside and outside instead of the temporary relief provided by stretching and strengthening.

Will it come as a surprise if I tell you that Fix-My-Shoulder-Pain is the first shoulder injury system ever created? This model will help focus on tissue quality, alignment and activation and endurance.

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